4 testosterone-boosting foods to add to your Memorial Day cookout

4 testosterone-boosting foods to add to your Memorial Day cookout

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12 May 2023

Time to get out the grill! 

It’s Memorial Day weekend, which means that men across the country are dusting off their grills in preparation for a summer of cookouts with friends and family.

There is nothing more manly than grilling, right?

But that might only highlight your insecurities if you're struggling with low testosterone levels, leaving you with ongoing symptoms.

Many men find their levels dropping as they enter their 30s and beyond. It’s totally natural, but that doesn’t mean that you have to accept it. 

And although there are medications and supplements you can take to boost your testosterone levels, altering the food you consume can help boost those testosterone levels naturally.

So, in this blog, we’re sharing some foods you can add to your cookout to help naturally boost your testosterone levels. 

Why is diet important for testosterone?

As men age, their testosterone levels naturally decline - and anything under 300 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL) is considered low. 

Although levels decrease with age, certain nutrients can help support testosterone production naturally, even throughout your 30s and beyond. 

These nutrients include:

  • Zinc
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B6 
  • Vitamin B5
  • So, food that is high in these macronutrients will help support t-levels, and if it’s something you are worried about, why not throw these into your diet. 

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  • High testosterone foods

    So, what should you throw on the grill to keep that testosterone pumping?

    1. Grilled Oysters

    Oysters are a classic aphrodisiac, and this is partly because they help boost testosterone and increase blood flow (especially towards sex organs). 

    This is down to the high levels of zinc in oysters; they contain 650% of your recommended daily intake in a single service (around 3 oysters). 

    You can grill or barbeque your oysters for a delicious, testosterone-boosting cookout meal. 

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  • 2. Burgers

    Is there anything more manly than a good burger?

    No! Didn’t think so!

    And luckily, a grilled burger can help boost testosterone levels, whether it’s a beef, chicken, venison or tuna burger. They are packed full of protein, and if you opt for lean meat, they can be low-calorie. 

    Be careful what you put on as toppings - if you are bulking up, you can afford the extra calories. However, obesity levels lower testosterone production, so ensure you don’t exceed your daily intake. 

    3. Salmon

    Although fried fatty foods are linked to low testosterone levels, that doesn’t mean that you should avoid healthy fats. 

    Fatty fish such as salmon (or sardines) are brilliant at boosting Vitamin D and healthy omega 3-s, which in turn can elevate your testosterone levels. 

    Grilled salmon or sardines are delicious on a grill and will help support your natural testosterone production. 

    4. Eggs

    Another great choice for both building muscle and elevating testosterone levels is eggs. They have a huge amount of protein (for their size) and also help with omega 3, vitamin D and healthy cholesterol.

    You can do a lot with your eggs to create a delicious grill side. If you want to use the grill to cook your eggs, you can fry them, or why not create some mini egg muffins stuffed full of vegetables - filling and delicious? 

    Are there any foods that you should avoid?

    There are foods that can naturally boost your T-levels, but on the flip side, there are some foods that can kill your testosterone levels.

      • Fried food
      • Soy
  • Alcohol
  • Don’t worry too much; including them once in a while in your diet will not tank your T-levels. 

    But if you eat many of these foods, we recommend swapping them out for Memorial Day and beyond. 

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  • Ready to boost that testosterone?

    First and foremost, try and enjoy your Memorial Day cookout without stressing too much about what you are eating. 

    One weekend of eating isn’t going to make or break your testosterone levels; however, if you worry about your T-levels, then including some of these foods will help boost them naturally. 

    If you want to supplement your diet more, then something like Testoprime can help to boost energy and testosterone levels.