What Is D-Aspartic Acid

What Is D-Aspartic Acid And How Does It Help Testosterone Levels?

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10 Mar 2022

When it comes to testosterone, most men want to keep their levels as high as possible, but once you reach your thirties, your testosterone will slowly begin to drop each year. 

As the key hormone for your libido, as well as many other functions such as muscle building, it's not surprising that men of all ages look for natural ways to increase their body's production of this hormone. 

A common way to do this is either through certain foods or by taking supplements, with supplements being the most popular option. 

However, most supplements you take will contain D-aspartic acid, and most people don't know what this is or what it does. 

So, how can D-aspartic acid help your testosterone level? That's what we're here to help you with; in this blog post, we'll cover everything you need to know about D-aspartic acid, testosterone and much more.

What Is D-Aspartic Acid?

In short, D-aspartic acid is an amino acid, which is a type of molecule that has various functions in your body, including producing hormones and proteins. 

Every amino acid has two forms, and this is where the "D" comes from in the name as the second form is known as L-aspartic acid. 

L-aspartic acid is essential during the creation of proteins, which is why many bodybuilders add this compound to their diet to enhance their workouts. 

In contrast, D-aspartic acid is vital for producing your hormones and releasing them around your body, especially testosterone. 

As a result of D-aspartic acid's link with testosterone production, it comes as no surprise that most supplements designed for increasing your testosterone levels include this amino acid in their recipe. 

It is well known that testosterone regulates your libido and sexual performance, but it can also lead to changes in behavior and sleep when your testosterone levels fluctuate.

How Does D-Aspartic Acid Affect Testosterone?

To start with, let's answer the burning question on your lips, how does D-aspartic acid affect testosterone? 

Well, there have been extensive studies into this amino acid, and they have yielded mixed results. 

However, out of all the studies conducted, it was found that D-aspartic acid has the most significant impact on inactive men, with a rise in testosterone for some participating in the experiment by 60%. 

D-aspartic acid causes the rise in testosterone in two ways; either by interacting with the hypothalamus or Leydig cells, causing your body to release or secrete more testosterone.

Can D-Aspartic Acid Help Erectile Dysfunction?

As a result of the increased testosterone levels, many people who have erectile dysfunction find their symptoms have been lessened once they begin taking D-aspartic acid. 

However, the studies into D-aspartic acid and erectile dysfunction are not clear, and there is more research needed to fully understand the link as men without low levels of testosterone can still develop erectile dysfunction. 

In cases where the cause is not low levels of your sex hormones, results of studies have been inconclusive in treating erectile dysfunction as their condition is typically caused by phycological factors which need to be treated separately in order to alleviate symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Does D-Aspartic Acid Increase Fertility?

A positive outcome from all the studies into D-aspartic acid is that it was found that the amino acid improves the motility, quality, and quantity of sperm which leads to increased fertility. 

During one study that focused solely on the link to fertility, approximately 27% of the men's partners became pregnant throughout the study.

While most of the studies into this amino acid focus on testosterone, the impact it has on fertility in men struggling to get their partners pregnant is promising, as it is a hopeful outcome for many couples trying to have children naturally. 

The reason it is such a hopeful outcome is that it provides people trying to start a family with another option before they head for more invasive procedures.

D-Aspartic Acid Additional Benefits: Improved Sleep

As D-aspartic acid increases your testosterone production, you could also find your experience improved sleep as many studies have found a direct correlation between the two. 

Additionally, as well as improved sleep, you could also see improved energy levels resulting from getting a better night's rest, which will lead to slower recovery and healing times following your gym workouts. 

Poor quality of sleep has often been thought of as one of the first signs of having low testosterone levels, which is why when you increase your testosterone, your sleep improves as a direct result. 

When you don't get enough sleep, you will often find yourself irritable and unable to focus on basic tasks, which can be detrimental to your relationships and your work life.

D-Aspartic Acid Additional Benefits: More Energy

One of the top benefits of raising your testosterone levels from low to normal with D-aspartic acid is the boost in energy you will have; this is due to the increased levels of testosterone and the fact that you will be sleeping better. 

When you have more energy, you will also notice an increase in your physical endurance which will help you improve your workouts. 

An improvement to your physical endurance could also benefit you more than just at the gym, as it will provide you with better performance in the bedroom when you and your partner find the time to enjoy some quality time together.

D-Aspartic Acid Additional Benefits: Better Circulation

Another reason to celebrate D-aspartic acid is due to the fact that you can enjoy better circulation with this amino acid. 

This benefit will not only improve your physical endurance and recovery times by helping to deliver oxygen to your muscles, but it will also improve testosterone production and can also improve penile functionality. 

All the more reason to get excited when you see D-aspartic acid on the bottle of your supplements or take it as a separate supplement altogether. 

You can enjoy the added benefit of being able to build muscles more easily, which means you can spend less time working on your physique and more time with your partner showing off your guns, among other things.

D-Aspartic Acid Additional Benefits: Enhanced Memory

As a result of all the benefits above, such as improved sleep, more energy, and better circulation, you will find your memory is enhanced. 

D-aspartic acid can help your brain run at its best, and as a result, you will find you no longer forget why you walked into your kitchen or what you went to the store to buy for your house. 

With an enhanced memory also comes improved concentration and focus, which will be beneficial to you during the workday, especially if your job is in a fast-paced environment, you have a big project due, or you're working towards a huge promotion that you've always dreamed of getting. 

As your focus and concentration improve, you will most likely find your mood improves due to the sense of accomplishment you will feel from getting everything you set out to do done on time.

How Much Should You Take?

Studies have shown that 3 grams of D-aspartic acid are ideal for the best results as higher doses have yielded little in the way of results. 

So, if you want your testosterone levels to rise, smaller amounts of D-aspartic acid seem to be the most effective way of getting the results you want. 

After all, the last thing you want is to start taking a high dose and finding out you're not reaping the benefits, as you will most likely want to get started on enjoying everything that comes with D-aspartic acid that we detailed above as soon as possible.

Can You Find D-Aspartic Acid In Food?

Many people are surprised when they find out that many of their favorite foods are the best sources of health-boosting minerals, and D-aspartic acid is no different. 

So, why not boost yourself and your workouts by getting your D-aspartic acid in your daily diet? While the most effective way to see the results you want is through concentrated supplementation, you can also find D-aspartic acid in food. 

The best sources for this amino acid are typically corn, soy protein, vegan bacon, and casein, which you should be able to find easily at your local grocery or health food store. 

Safety Precautions

Thanks to the extensive studies on D-aspartic acid, we have plenty of information on whether or not you should be on the lookout for possible side effects. 

You're in luck, as D-aspartic acid has been found safe to consume, with most of the people in the studies having no side effects at all when taking this supplement. However, we did say most. 

There was one study where a man found he suffered from headaches and irritability. Still, it is inconclusive as to whether this was a result of D-aspartic acid as another participant from the placebo group also experienced these side effects. 

With that in mind, you'll be happy to know that you are more than safe to add this excellent supplement to your daily routine and begin reaping the benefits as soon as it begins to take effect to not only improve your testosterone but your workout sessions and overall health.

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