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The best home test for testosterone: check your testosterone levels

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04 Jan 2023

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  1. Why should you check your testosterone levels?
  2. The rules for choosing the at-home test
  3. What are the best home test kits for testosterone
  4. Our choice of home test testosterone kits

Low libido? 

Not seeing any gains from working out? 

Moody and irritable? 

Your testosterone levels could be dropping. Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, and it enters the bloodstream and delivers messages throughout your body to help regulate several critical functions and processes. 

These include handling your sex drive, your body’s ability to store and burn fat, controlling your emotions and mood, mental focus, energy levels and bone density. Testosterone deficiency will cause problems in these areas.

Testosterone production in your body starts to drop in men from the age of 30, and it’s a cause for concern for many who find their energy levels and libido are not up to their usual standard.

But how do you know if your testosterone levels are low or something else is going amiss?

Testing testosterone levels is crucial to determine if low levels are responsible for your problems. While you can go to the Physician, at-home test kits are also possible. 

But what are the best test kits for testosterone - find out…

Why should you check your testosterone levels?

It’s essential to check your testosterone levels as you get older to prevent potential health issues. 

After 30, men will have a slow testosterone decline due to aging, which is mainly unpreventable. 

However, there are ways to slow the decrease and increase testosterone levels - but you need to know it’s low to take steps. 

Symptoms of low testosterone levels include-

  • Low sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction 
  • Infertility 
  • Enlarged breasts (moobs)
  • Lack of face or body hair
  • Thinning bones or anemia without a known cause
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Diabetes
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Neurodegenerative disease
  • A risk of high mortality in males with low testosterone

    If you have severe symptoms then it might be worth speaking to your Physician, to check there is nothing wrong. 

    However, plenty of at-home tests can measure your blood testosterone levels with either a saliva testing kit or a finger prick test. 

    An at-home test is usually simple to administer, and you should receive the results in approximately a week.

    The rules for choosing the best at-home testosterone tests

    There are plenty of at-home tests available, but which criteria should we look at when selecting the best one?

    Scientific status: It’s essential that we choose a test that will be processed in CLIA-certified laboratories. This way, we know it’s going to the right place and will be dealt with professionally and accurately. We check their claims to see if they are accurate.

    Cost: The price of home tests can vary, and a few that we have seen are slightly over-priced. It’s essential that it does the job, but it should also be affordable and of decent value.

    Privacy: You won’t want the whole world to know that you’re testing, so privacy must come into the reckoning.

    Speed of test: How quickly will you get your results back? Testosterone test results should be back with you in around seven days, but some can be much quicker.

    Type of test: You'll usually choose between a saliva test or a blood test. A saliva sample or a finger prick test for a blood sample is taken by yourself.

    Customer support levels: You are most likely to have follow-up questions after your test, so it’s important to know that you can contact someone afterward for any queries.

    Which are the best at-home testosterone tests?

    So let’s get into the best at-home testosterone tests, in no particular order. 


    The EverlyWell testosterone test is a quality test from a reputable company. It’s a saliva-based test that is easy to understand and one of the simplest and best-value tests on the market. 

    You’ll get a fast turnaround time on your results and decent after-care service should you need it—a bit of an all-rounder, this one.

    Pros: Easy to understand and relatively cheap

    Cons: Doesn’t report a specific time frame for receiving results

    Price: $49

    Type of test: Saliva

    Duration of receiving results: 5–7 days


    Imaware’s testosterone tests are a blood test, considered more reliable than saliva. 

    Another major bonus is that the test is processed and reviewed by doctors at CLIA-certified laboratories, which are highly regarded for their methods and accurate results. The results you will receive are very detailed and personalized. 

    Pros: Very clear and detailed results

    Cons: Not for those who don’t like taking their blood test.

    Price: $69

    Type of test: Blood test

    Duration of receiving results: 7 days from receipt


    With Let’s Get Checked testosterone kit, all you need to do is provide a finger-prick blood sample and send it straight to the lab.

    It’s a quick method with a fast turnaround (usually around 2 or 3 days) and full post-result customer service help around the clock. Results are not as detailed as some other methods, however.

    Pros: Quick turnaround time

    Cons: You can only mail on certain days.

    Price: $89

    Type of test: Blood test

    Duration of receiving results: usually 2 or 3 days from receipt


    A saliva-based test that is simple to administer and is one of the cheapest at-home tests on the market. 

    Once you’ve taken your sample, you are asked to complete a questionnaire and set up an account online. This will help to get you a more accurate and detailed result. Results will be returned to you online and can take up to 5 days.

    Pros: Personalized medical advice is given with results.

    Cons: Only available in some states.

    Price: $59

    Type of test: Saliva

    Duration of receiving results: 3 to 4 working days

    MyLAB Box Testosterone Test

    This test comes with a bonus, as you’ll also receive news of your cortisol, estradiol, DHEA, and testosterone levels. 

    You’ll be required to do a finger-prick and saliva test before sending it to the lab. The results can take up to five days to arrive. 

    Pros: Results for multiple hormones 

    Cons: It can take up to five days for results to arrive.

    Price: $79

    Type of test: Saliva and Blood test

    Duration of receiving results: 2 to 5 days

    Our choice of at-home testosterone test

    Which of all the testosterone test kits should you choose?

    Your personal choice may depend on the method of taking a sample, but we think most would agree that Everleywell is a great “all-rounder.” 

    Not only is it a simple saliva test, but you’ll also get a fast turnaround of results and an excellent aftercare service for any follow-up questions.

    Of course, if you have severe symptoms then please speak to a Physician for their recommendations. 

    Low testosterone? 

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