Testosterone Boosting Foods

20 Foods That Boost Testosterone

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10 Mar 2022

Testosterone boosting foods - when it comes to hormones, you’ll naturally start to produce less testosterone over the years, which is responsible for helping a huge number of things, from muscle growth and bone density to the production of red blood cells and sperm. 

A big factor of low testosterone levels is the risk of a reduced libido too, which can lead to negative impacts on our mental health and self-confidence, and so tackling this aspect of your body can seriously get you back on track, both mentally and physically. 

Take control of your diet today with these 20 great yet simple foods, which naturally boost your body’s testosterone levels and reap the benefits of increased muscle growth and endurance, both at the gym and in the bedroom.


Containing naturally occurring boron, a mineral that is often used by people who want to combat erectile dysfunction, honey is a perfect choice for improving your testosterone levels while also helping to fight inflammation in your body too.


This root has been used by countless cultures to boost virility, and these effects have even been proven scientifically in multiple studies.

A 2012 scientific study showed that a group of 75 men had an increased level of testosterone in their system, nearly 18% more in fact, after taking ginger supplements over the course of 3 months.

Citrus Fruit

Oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and all other citrus fruits are fantastic sources of vitamin A which helps in the production of testosterone and can actually help to lower your levels of estrogen. 

While estrogen is important for the body, even in men where it helps to modulate libido and the production of sperm, too much of it can reduce the effects of testosterone significantly.

We’ve gotta say, a honey, ginger and lemon tea is starting to sound pretty appealing right now.

Leafy Greens

They may not be the most appealing of foods, but things like spinach and kale are incredibly rich in nutrients and are perfect for boosting your diet and ultimately raising those testosterone levels.

Magnesium is another mineral that bolsters those muscle growth hormones and is found in lots of leafy greens. 


The vitamin D found in fish like tuna is linked to testosterone production, as well as being great for your mental health. Improving the quality of your mental wellness will help you to commit to those training sessions as well as make sure you’re eating right too. 


This is another fantastic source of vitamin D and omega 3, and while it may have slightly less protein in it, it contains much more calories due to being much fattier.

This, however, is not a bad thing.

Alternating between tuna and salmon when choosing which fish to eat is perfect as the higher fat content is actually from those healthy omega-3s. 

Extra-virgin Olive Oil

Continuing with the trend of oily foods, we now have actual oil. But this is no simple vegetable oil, no sir. Extra-virgin olive oil is the foundation of the insanely healthy Mediterranean diet. 

This consists of everything from seafood to pasta and nutrient-rich vegetables. This also means eating much less meat too. 

Olives, and the oil that is taken from them, are rich in antioxidants and monounsaturated fat, which are linked to reduced levels of heart disease and stroke. 

This has also been linked to male reproductive health and could be indicative of increased levels of testosterone in men.


The fact that onion is used as a base for so many dishes is perfect because it really is a damn superfood. 

You can add it to just about any meal for a really satisfying flavor and also knowing that you’re choosing a very healthy food. 

They have a strong impact on your capabilities in the bedroom by both increasing levels of luteinizing hormone, which stimulates the creation of testosterone in your testes, and also adding flavonoids to your body which defend your sperm from harmful metals in your system.  


When searching for foods that boost testosterone, the chances are you may be looking for some extra help in the bedroom. 

We should probably apologize for suggesting two of the most pungent foods, but the health benefits of them really can’t be ignored. 

Garlic is straight up great for your heart, and it’s freakin’ delicious too. It also lowers cortisol production in your adrenal gland, which is created when you’re stressed and allows it to focus on making testosterone instead. 

But just remember to time your garlic-heavy meals, so you avoid eating it right before date night.


Another great food choice that is a common one in many diets, especially for those looking to gain more muscle, is eggs. 

The sheer amount of protein in these, combined with omega 3, vitamin D, and even cholesterol, make them a great addition to your diet as all of these aid in the production of testosterone.


The zinc present in almonds is said to boost the amount of this muscle growth hormone in your body as well. One tip for making snacks like nuts taste great when they’re unsalted is to actually create your own seasoning to add to them. 

Try mixing up some garlic powder and smoked paprika and coat those almonds before roasting them in the oven. You won’t even notice the lack of salt after that.


The thing that oysters have in common with almonds, and it does definitely not taste, is that they’re super high in zinc too. 

With zinc being a common supplement for people wanting to boost low levels of testosterone, it’s no wonder why oysters are said to be a natural aphrodisiac. 

They’re, of course, not to everyone’s taste and eating some of these right before heading to the bedroom is not going to have you ready and raring to go as you might think. 

Foods that are said to improve your libido are better off being added to your general diet instead of being used as a “pre-workout supplement”, if you get what we’re saying. 


A bowl of oatmeal for breakfast every now and again has some hugely beneficial effects on your body.

Oats are packed with B vitamins, especially B6, which actually reduces estrogen production, allowing your body to fire out more testosterone. 

We highly recommend adding this to your breakfast routine. 


You’ve probably never heard of this at all, but this ancient ingredient has been known to boost immunity, as well as reducing infertility by boosting sperm count. 

There have been studies that have demonstrated a significant increase in testosterone levels in men when using this natural herb.


The berries of the hawthorn plant are said to help improve your body’s blood flow, especially to the penis. 

One of the biggest problems with infertility is the inability to maintain an erection due to poor blood flow, and these berries and their extracts are often taken by men who struggle with erectile dysfunction.

Saw Palmetto Berry

This berry is said to also help with erectile dysfunction, similar to the hawthorn berry, but some claim that it’s also great for boosting your sex drive. 

There are a few myths about this berry, but also plenty of tried and tested facts about how they can help in many different aspects related to testosterone.

Fenugreek Seeds

These great little seeds are perfect additions to your seasoning blends, whether you’re making an Indian curry or some other hearty dish. 

Studies have shown that men that have consumed fenugreek daily experienced raised T levels, and this backs up its history of being used to treat infertility in ancient eras.


Red meat like beef can also be a great booster for your testosterone due to the cholesterol it adds to your body. Cholesterol isn’t overly healthy, of course, but in small quantities, it’s essential for the actual creation of testosterone. 

Just make sure you’re not eating this often, if at all, as the health risks of eating too much red meat are significant. 


The seeds found in a pomegranate are a very popular food for many people. They are often turned into juices or added to salads and other meals to improve their nutritional value as well as taste. 

The juice is a great source of testosterone boosting minerals as well as antioxidants which are good for heart health. 

Add this to a fresh juice blend or smoothie for that added health kick.

Fortified Plant Milk

Dairy is actually linked with raised levels of estradiol, the main form of estrogen, which can lower the amount of testosterone in your body, and it’s also full of saturated fats, which are linked to an increase risk of certain cancers. 

There are plenty of kinds of plant milk out there, however, like almond and oat, which are rich in minerals, especially those that have been improved with added vitamin and mineral supplements. 

Minerals found in these like zinc are big contributors to T levels and is often given to men struggling with impotence.

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