Testosterone Killing Foods

Testosterone killing foods and how to avoid them

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05 Oct 2023

What makes you a man? Is it your hair, your physique, or your ability to pleasure your wife or partner? Whatever it is, it's usually linked to your body's production of testosterone. 

Low testosterone levels can be devastating for many men. It's the male sex hormone, so it can leave you listless and unable to perform for your partner. 

It's not just your sex life that testosterone affects. From low energy and hair loss to the development of the dreaded 'man boobs', low testosterone can wreak havoc on your life.

Testosterone helps with healthy bone development and building muscle mass, so without it, you could lose everything that makes you feel like a real man, leaving you with an identity crisis. 

Usually, low testosterone levels are caused by lifestyle issues. One major factor is your diet. That doesn't just mean eating healthily- even super clean eaters can experience low testosterone levels. 

That's because there are some testosterone killing foods that can damage your body's production of this vital hormone. 

Want to know what to stay away from? TestoPrime's got you covered. We'll go over the testosterone killing foods that could be setting you back and suggest some tasty alternatives. 

How Can Food Affect Testosterone?

Before we get on to the list of testosterone killers that could be lurking in your cupboard, we thought we'd let you know how food affects testosterone production. 

Basically, testosterone is a hormone and is produced in the testes and the adrenal glands.

The production of hormones is affected by your body's overall health, so the better you're functioning, the higher your chances of making plenty of testosterone.

Also, some specific ingredients or nutrients can affect the production of the male sex hormone in blokes.

For example, studies have shown that some eating habits, such as low-fat diets, can lead to significant decreases in testosterone levels. 

Testosterone Crushing Foods To Avoid

Certain foods can affect your body's production of testosterone more than others. These we call testosterone killers, and they need to be reduced or eliminated altogether. 

Thankfully, there are loads of tasty alternatives to testosterone killing foods, so you won't have to live off kale and green shakes all your life!

In fact, red meat and other typical dude foods are actually great for boosting your testosterone. Usually, natural and fresh foods help your body to produce the male sex hormone. 

However, some natural products, as well as many man-made ones, can slow down your body's production of the testosterone men need to be their best selves. 

Here's a list of some of the main culprits that you need to avoid or at least cut down on. We're not saying rip them all out of your life- cheat day would be boring as hell otherwise! 

Instead, just eat less of the foods that kill testosterone and try to switch them for testosterone boosting ingredients. 

Soy Products

With veganism on the rise, everyone's looking for tasty alternatives to meat and dairy.

If you're a man who wants to be kinder to animals but also wants to enjoy your favorite tasty meals, then you'll probably have tried soy products at some point. Y

ou can get everything from soy milk to replace cow's milk to soy nuggets that look and taste like the products from fast food joints. 

While soy is tasty and great at pretending to be meat, it can also affect testosterone levels in young, healthy men, as a study has proved.

Instead of eating fake meat, try using natural products, such as lentils, to mimic beef mince. 


Mint is a tasty herb that makes a delicious, refreshing tea or a great addition to an indulgent dessert.

When you're on your cheat day or trying to spice up a boring meal, it's easy to grab a fistful of fresh mint and sprinkle it in your food to transform the taste.

Unfortunately, the menthol in mint can reduce your body's production of testosterone.

Other herbs, such as ashwagandha, can boost testosterone naturally and help you improve testicular function, get more energy and still enjoy tasty dishes. 


Liquorice is a tasty, natural sweet that some men love and some hate. If you're a lover of liquorice, then you'll be sad to hear that eating liquorice can reduce testosterone levels in healthy men. 

One weird but useful thing about liquorice is that its distinctive taste is mimicked in many natural foods like fennel, chervil and more.

So, you can find a replacement to ensure your T levels stay high and still get the delicious liquorice taste you love. 

Dairy Products

We've already mentioned that soy products can reduce testosterone production, but the natural foods they replicate can be bad for your male reproductive system too.

That's because dairy products contain estradiol, a fat-soluble version of estragon, the female sex hormone. 

Dairy products have a high volume of female sex hormones because dairy cows and laying chickens are given natural or synthetic hormones to boost their natural hormone levels and increase their production of dairy products.

Think about it: eggs and milk are made by female animals to reproduce and care for their babies. 

So, these products often contain loads of estrogen, which can lower your testosterone levels.

Changing your dietary patterns to remove dairy and soy can feel extreme, so try reducing your intake and eating more fruit and veggies instead. 


Drinking your favorite alcohol is a fun way to relax and unwind after a busy day. Whether it's sinking a few beers with the lads at a bar after work or sharing a bottle of wine with your lady at dinner, drinking is a major part of most western cultures. 

Even though you know that alcohol isn't good for you, you might think it's not doing you much harm if you only drink a few times a week.

What you probably don't know is that alcohol can affect your reproductive hormones; in men, that's testosterone.

Try drinking less booze and enjoying healthy smoothies made with fresh fruits instead. 

Trans Fats And Heavily Processed Foods

Trans fat might sound weird, but these fats are incredibly common in many processed foods.

When turning liquid fats into solid foods, such as oil into margarine, food makers produce trans fats.

That means you'll find trans fats on almost every fast food menu and in most cheap but tasty, processed treats. 

Trans fats can lead to lower testosterone levels, as well as other health problems.

Heavily processed foods containing trans fats are usually very addictive, which can give you the dreaded dad bod.

Overweight and obese men have many health issues and can struggle to produce testosterone as your body is battling other health issues.

To avoid weight gain and improve your general health, try swapping processed foods with trans fats for healthy fats found in natural foods like oily fish and fatty meat. 

Fried Foods

Fast-food junkies are out of luck because fried foods are almost as bad as processed ones when it comes to lowering your body's natural testosterone production.

With high levels of polyunsaturated fats, also known by the funky acronym PUFAs, fried foods can reduce your testosterone levels.

Fried foods, including the classics like chips, burgers and crispy chicken, also have loads of salt in them, which is bad for your general health and wellbeing.

So, if you want to reduce your fatty acid intake and improve your testosterone levels, you need to cut down on fried junk.

Consider investing in an air fryer to replicate the taste of fried snacks without the oils and fats. 

Baked foods like Desserts, Bread, Pastries, Cakes And Biscuits 

Treats like desserts, bread, pastries, cakes, biscuits and other baked goods contain a lot of testosterone killing ingredients.

Many ready-made baked items have a lot of trans fats and refined sugars in them, both of which can lower testosterone levels and generally be bad for your health.

Still, most men enjoy a sweet treat every now and then.

The key is moderation and a balanced diet filled with lots of fresh foods that will boost testosterone levels in your body, as well as the odd baked snack. 

Certain Types of Nuts

Nuts are often viewed as a healthy snack, but some can contain a lot of polyunsaturated fats, which we already know are bad for your body's testosterone production.

That doesn't mean you can't eat nuts; just watch out for ones containing polyunsaturated fats.

Also, remember that nuts are high in natural oils and can have a lot of salt and sugar if they've got a tasty coating.

Try only to eat a handful to stay healthy and avoid the dreaded beer belly. 

Tinned Veggies 

Tinned veggies and other canned items you might think are healthy can actually lower your testosterone levels.

That's because BPA, a chemical used in cans, is bad for your body and can lead to lower hormone production. 

Canned foods are convenient, but they're easy to swap with fresh veggies.

All you need to do is improve your kitchen management to throw away fewer fresh veggies and eat loads of tasty vegetable dishes. 

Vegetable Oil

Most vegetable oils are loaded with polyunsaturated fatty acids, which kill testosterone production in the male body.

Vegetable oil is really trendy and found in loads of great recipes. 

Thankfully, you can easily swap these oils out for healthier options such as olive oil or avoid oil altogether to reduce your fat intake.

If you're eating a lot of fried foods, you need to chill out, as we've already told you, so try to eat fewer fried treats and more healthy dishes. 


Flaxseeds have loads of health benefits, particularly when it comes to your heart health, but they can be bad for your testosterone levels.

That's because they contain loads of lignans. Lignan is a sex hormone-binding globulin, so it can be bad for your testosterone production if you eat too much of it. 

Studies have shown that lignans can reduce the production of natural hormones, including testosterone, in men with prostate cancer.

So, if possible, you should try to avoid flaxseeds and instead go for chia or hemp seeds.

Hemp seeds contain loads of zinc, which can improve testosterone production and sperm quality, so they're an ideal swap. 

Refined Carbs And Rice

Eating rice and other refined carbs, such as white bread and pasta, can lead to increased sugar levels.

Sugar, particularly refined sugars, can lower your T levels and also lead to serious issues like diabetes. 

Instead of white rice and refined carbs, try to eat some wholegrain options. They taste just as good and give you the health benefits and nutrients you need to stay in top condition. 

Dealing With Low Testosterone: Where To Start

Almost every man experiences low testosterone levels at some point in his life, for a wide range of reasons. 

If you're dealing with it right now, then don't despair. It might feel like life's giving you a kick in the you know where, but it's not the end of the world. 

There are loads of ways you can boost your low testosterone levels. Most tips and tricks you'll see online don't require visiting the Dr: for some, you don't even need to leave the house, which is always a plus!

Some innovative ways to bolster low testosterone include:

  • Up your exercise regime
  • Reduce your stress levels 
  • Eat foods that boost your body's production of testosterone, including ginger, oysters and oily fish

For more info on how to avoid low testosterone, we've also recently started our blog.

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